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The simplest explanation of what we do at A to Z Window Screens is right in our name: We install and repair all kinds of window and door screens. But beyond that, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers — our clients call us with a problem in need of a solution, and we offer screen products and services that do the job.

Your Problems and Our Solutions

Replacement Bug Screens are just a piece of what we do — A to Z Window Screens can offer solutions for all kinds of simple and not-so-simple screen problems:

Problem: My Pets Keep Destroying Our Bug Screens

This is one we see and hear a lot. It’s a tale as old as time: You open the window to get a little air, and your cat decides to use the screen as a climbing wall, tearing it to tatters in the process. Or you open up the screen door, only for your dog to get excited about a scampering squirrel, shredding the screen in an effort to get at the woodland pal. Our dogs and cats provide a lot of love and companionship, but they’re definitely not the best friends your screens have ever had. You can replace those screens with traditional screens time and again, but that doesn’t solve the core problem: Those screens aren’t strong enough to withstand your pets’ enthusiasm.

Our solution: Installing tough and durable Pet Screens. These are made out of a PVC vinyl-coated polyester yarn that’s thicker and seven times stronger than traditional screens, so it can withstand lots of attention from your pet. But you’ll still get the airflow and visibility you want and expect!

Problem: My AC is on Full Blast 24/7, but My Home is Still Warm!

If your air conditioning is on constant overdrive and you have the energy bills to prove it, there’s a lot you can look at, from insulation to drafty windows and doors or the HVAC itself. But sometimes your problem is just worsened by the summer sun beaming through your windows and baking the house (and fading your furniture and carpets in the process).

Our solution: Sun or Solar Screens. Once installed, these can drop the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees by shading, reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays. An unprotected window allows around 80 percent of the heat that hits the glass to move through; with a solar screen, it’s more like 20 percent — and you’ll see that difference in both the comfort level in your home and your comfort level upon opening your energy bill each month.

Problem: I’d like to put a Screen Door in, but I’m not Confident about their Security

We understand: Even if you really like the idea of leaving a deck or patio door open for a nice evening breeze, screen doors can seem flimsy, and that makes a lot of us feel less than confident and less than secure. That’s why A to Z Window Screens carries and installs a variety of super tough security screen doors that provide strength and confidence without sacrificing beauty. (Strong security doors in and of themselves can act as a deterrent to thieves, just by adding a layer of difficulty and hassle.)

The products we carry look nothing like the steel bars of yesterday — looking at our security doors, you’d think they were installed just for the elegant aesthetic, even if they’re also providing protection and valuable peace of mind.

Those are just a few of the many problems we can help you solve at A to Z Window Screens. Have some thoughts about ways we can improve the windows and doors in your home? Give us a call — we’d love to help!