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Many homeowners are tempted to take on a DIY-project wherever they can. After all, DIY projects can be a great way to save some money. Plus, you can take pride in having improved your home. However, not all projects should be attempted yourself. Among home-improvement projects that should be passed on to professionals? Screen installation.

So, why should window and door screens be professionally installed?

To get the right fit.

Many people are shocked when they head to the home improvement store to discover they can’t find screens to fit their windows and doors. Believe it or not, window screens are not a one-size-fits-all product. Window screens come in countless dimensions. Consequently, unless you turn to the professionals, it can be impossible to find one that fits your window frame. At least snugly to keep out bugs and the elements! With professional window installation, you can have window screens custom made to fit your home’s window frames. This way you know you’re getting quality screens that fit your home perfectly.

To maintain frame integrity.

Some people will try to get around not being able to find the right screen size by replacing the mesh on their existing window screens. That’s a great way to do it yourself and save money, in theory. However, when window screens are built, the tension on the screen is just so for the frame. Putting on new mesh can bend and distort the frame of the window screen so that it no longer sits flat and won’t fit back into the window frame. A good window screen company, by the way, will never reuse your old frames for this reason; quality new window screens begin with sturdy new frames.

To get the right look.

As we’ve mentioned, it can be difficult to find the right screens to fit your windows. It’s even more difficult to find screens that fit the frames of your windows and the look of your home. Unsightly window screens can destroy your home’s curb appeal. By having custom window screens professionally installed, your new screens can actually upgrade the look of your home.

To get better features.

If you do try for a DIY window-screen installation, you also will miss out on the many benefits window screens have to offer your home. A professional window screen company like A to Z Window Screens can offer you solar screens to increase your home’s efficiency and lower your home energy costs; pet screens to repel damage from animals; and retractable screens that can be rolled out of the way when you don’t want windows to obstruct your view. When you talk to a professional screen company, you will find that there are many options available for upgrading the look and function of your window screens.

If you need new window screens, don’t do it yourself! Call the window screen professionals at A to Z Window Screens! We will show you all of our custom screen options and install attractive window screens that add quality and value to your home.