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Benefits of Investing in Our Sliding Security Screen Doors this Summer

A to Z window screens - sliding door -w800-h800How secure are your doors? According to one report, a full 70 percent of home invaders enter through doors. That makes all of your home’s entryways a risk to your security. Many homeowners see the risk in sliding screen doors. With flimsy frames, mesh that can be easily broken through and no locking options, sliding screen doors often go unused because they provide too easy an entry point for criminals. You can enjoy the convenience of a sliding screen door, as well as the summer breeze when you invest in a Tru Frame sliding security screen door from A to Z Window Screens.

When you invest in a sliding security screen door, you’ll realize the many benefits of added security. Those benefits include:

Heavy-duty aluminum frame

Tru Frame security sliding screen doors are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames. The architectural grade aluminum makes the frames lightweight, but sturdy and strong, meaning your sliding security screen door can’t easily be forced off the track or forced in. The doors also feature stainless steel wheels. Unlike the plastic wheels used in conventional screen doors, the stainless steel wheels add to the strength of the door and keep it sliding smoothly year after year.

Stainless steel mesh

Most security doors require jail-like metal bars. That’s not the case with Tru Frame security screen doors, thanks to the use of stainless steel mesh. Tru Frame security screen doors feature MeshTEC 316 Marine-grade stainless steel mesh. This strong mesh can’t easily be pushed in. MeshTEC mesh also can’t be cut with a knife, and it is puncture and tear resistant. Despite its strength and durability, MeshTEC mesh looks like any other bug screen. It won’t block visibility and pleasant breezes. It’s coated to resist rust and corrosion, and it blocks 60 percent of UV rays to help protect your home from the harmful sun.

Standard locking system

The security offered by A to Z Window Screens sliding security screen doors goes beyond industrial-strength frames and cut-proof stainless steel mesh. All of our sliding security screen doors come standard with a five-point locking system. Activated with a turn of a knob on the inside and a key on the outside, this professional-grade locking system makes it impossible to pry the security screen door open.

When you install a sliding security screen door from A to Z Window Screens, you will enjoy the benefits of a fully secured doorway in addition to the benefits of a sliding screen door. You also can choose to have the frame of your sliding security screen door powder coated in virtually any custom color to complement your home, and you can choose to have your sliding security screen door installed as a single panel, or as a double-panel door for added security. If you’re ready to realize the benefits of a secured screen door on your home, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation today!

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What is the appeal to our swing screen doors?

When warm weather arrives, most people get really excited and open their homes to the pleasant temperatures accompanied by cool breeze. However, this is when many homeowners realize that their swinging screen doors are no longer sufficient. Whether your screen is sagging, ripped or just unattractive, or you need a new screen door, call A to Z Window Screens! We carry the best line of swinging screen doors from Tru Frame and Superior. In addition to its high quality, all of their products are American-made. Here are the other benefits of the swinging screen doors from us.

Swinging doors with a custom fit

We offer a custom fit for every products. When you order a swinging screen door from A to Z Window Screens, your swinging screen door will be made to perfectly fit your specific door frame, and it will be made to your exact specifications.

Optional upgrades

Tru Frame and Superior Products offer swinging screen doors in a variety of looks and styles. We can ensure you’ll find a swinging screen door that fits your taste and your home’s aesthetic. We also offer plenty of opportunities for upgrading your swinging screen door to fit your style and need. We have swinging screen door made of heavy-duty mesh made to withstand pets or children. You can also choose to add a pet door, custom-sized to fit your pet, so they can enter and exit whenever.

Storm door options

In the spring, screen doors are the preferred choice for many homeowners. However, when temperatures get cold and rainy, many homeowners switch out their swinging screen doors for swinging storm doors. This helps to insulate their homes while keeping out the cold. When you order a swinging screen door from A to Z Window Screens, you also get the option to order a swinging storm door for those colder months. We can also replace an existing screen door, if you prefer the added layer of protection over the breezy openness of a screen door.

If your home is ready for a new swinging screen door this spring, call A to Z Window Screens! We can show you all of our available swinging screen door models and options, and we can help you customize the swinging screen door that’s right for your home!

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