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Patio Decorating Tips

At its best, your patio provides an extension of your home. A patio can provide additional living space to entertain, dine and relax. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can create an outdoor space that adds to your home’s living and that you love spending time in.

Tip 1: Bring the indoors outdoors.

What makes your home comfortable? Plush furniture, throw pillows, blankets and rugs. Bring some of these indoor elements to you patio to make the space inviting and comfortable. You can bring some regular indoor elements outdoors, but you also can find couches, pillows, blankets and rugs manufactured for indoor/outdoor use.

Tip 2: Provide easy access.

Nothing can make your outdoor space seem less inviting than a rickety, hard-to-use patio door. For easy access to your patio space, make sure you have a patio door that’s in good repair. Whether you prefer a traditional sliding screen door or a retractable screen door that hides away when it’s not in use, make sure you equip your outdoor space with a beautiful and functional door.

Tip 3: Create a focal point.

Just like your indoor spaces, your outdoor space needs a focal point to anchor it.  A fire pit, outdoor fireplace, bar or seating area can help define your outdoor space. The item you choose to build your patio décor around will depend on how you intent to use the space. If you have a large patio space, you also might prefer to use several focal points to create separate “zone” on your patio, such as a fire pit for relaxing and an outdoor kitchen space for entertaining.

Tip 4: Tie the outdoors to the indoors.

Your patio should serve as a transition between your yard and your indoor living space. While your furniture and décor help to bring the indoors outside, natural elements tie your patio into the backyard. Plants, flowers and décor that incorporate natural materials, such as wood or seashells, can all help to blend the outdoors and indoors on your patio space.

Tip 5: Don’t forget the lighting.

To enjoy your outdoor space into the evening, don’t forget to add some lighting to the space. Of course, there are traditional porch lights, but these can be harsh. Consider torches, outdoor lanterns, solar-powered landscape lighting and a fire pit or fireplace to add soft, inviting ambient lighting to your outdoor space.

Tip 6: Add privacy and shade.

Some privacy can make your outdoor space seem more intimate and secluded, while shade can make your patio more functional. Without adequate shading, your outdoor space can become uninhabitable during the heat of the day. Consider roll-down patio shade. Roll-down shades can cover any patio archway or opening. They can be rolled down for privacy or to block the sun, and rolled back up when you want to enjoy your backyard view.

If you’re ready to finish your patio space to make it a cozy and inviting addition to your home, call A to Z Window Screens today! We can rehab your patio screen door or outfit your patio with roll-down shades to increase privacy and comfort.

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Do you need a new sliding patio screen door?

Over the summer months, your patio screen doors can take a beating. As children, pets and party guests are in and out, and out and in, screens can rip, wheels can weaken and doors can come entirely off of the track. If your sliding patio screen door is worse for the wear after a summer full of abuse, consider a new sliding patio screen door from A to Z Window Screens.

Replacing a patio screen door

Dealing with a broken sliding screen door can be a challenge. A ripped screen isn’t easily repaired. A patch, or multiple patches, on a ripped or holey screen can look piecemeal and sloppy. Improperly replacing the entire screen can weaken or damage the door itself, causing the frame to bow and the door to no longer slide smoothly or easily on a track. A trip to the home improvement store can turn up a replacement sliding screen door, but these doors are a “one-size-fits-all” solution that generally doesn’t fit any sliding door track particularly well. These doors also tend to be cheaply made and easily broken. Fortunately, the screen experts at A to Z Window Screens have a solution.

The A to Z Window Screens difference

At A to Z Window Screens, we custom fit replacement screen doors to fit your existing patio door tracks. We also use the strongest metal components, which are larger and stronger than the components usually used in the one-size-fits-all replacement doors found in big-box and home improvement stores. We use heavy-duty extruded aluminum roll forms, as opposed to the typical ones made of thin sheet metal, and metal wheels, corners, handles and lock mechanisms instead of the usual plastic parts. That means that your sliding screen door will operate more smoothly and last longer than their mass-produced counterparts. And because they are custom fit to your door frame, you know the door will open and close smoothly time after time, so you won’t be constantly wrestling with your sliding screen door.

Another difference with A to Z Window Screens is that we provide a pet screen option for your sliding screen door. Is your patio door susceptible to being ripped, pushed out of the frame or stretched because of small kids or jumping pets? When A to Z Window Screens replaces your sliding screen door, we can use our heavy-duty pet screening. Our pet screens hold up to pets’ claws and the weight of small pets or children, so you won’t find your new screen door in need of constant repair!

Call A to Z to schedule a consultation today!

If your screen doors are torn, off the track, missing parts or constantly stuck in place, don’t put off your repairs! Call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today, and we will have you enjoying your new sliding screen door in no time!

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