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Over the summer months, your patio screen doors can take a beating. As children, pets and party guests are in and out, and out and in, screens can rip, wheels can weaken and doors can come entirely off of the track. If your sliding patio screen door is worse for the wear after a summer full of abuse, consider a new sliding patio screen door from A to Z Window Screens.

Replacing a patio screen door

Dealing with a broken sliding screen door can be a challenge. A ripped screen isn’t easily repaired. A patch, or multiple patches, on a ripped or holey screen can look piecemeal and sloppy. Improperly replacing the entire screen can weaken or damage the door itself, causing the frame to bow and the door to no longer slide smoothly or easily on a track. A trip to the home improvement store can turn up a replacement sliding screen door, but these doors are a “one-size-fits-all” solution that generally doesn’t fit any sliding door track particularly well. These doors also tend to be cheaply made and easily broken. Fortunately, the screen experts at A to Z Window Screens have a solution.

The A to Z Window Screens difference

At A to Z Window Screens, we custom fit replacement screen doors to fit your existing patio door tracks. We also use the strongest metal components, which are larger and stronger than the components usually used in the one-size-fits-all replacement doors found in big-box and home improvement stores. We use heavy-duty extruded aluminum roll forms, as opposed to the typical ones made of thin sheet metal, and metal wheels, corners, handles and lock mechanisms instead of the usual plastic parts. That means that your sliding screen door will operate more smoothly and last longer than their mass-produced counterparts. And because they are custom fit to your door frame, you know the door will open and close smoothly time after time, so you won’t be constantly wrestling with your sliding screen door.

Another difference with A to Z Window Screens is that we provide a pet screen option for your sliding screen door. Is your patio door susceptible to being ripped, pushed out of the frame or stretched because of small kids or jumping pets? When A to Z Window Screens replaces your sliding screen door, we can use our heavy-duty pet screening. Our pet screens hold up to pets’ claws and the weight of small pets or children, so you won’t find your new screen door in need of constant repair!

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If your screen doors are torn, off the track, missing parts or constantly stuck in place, don’t put off your repairs! Call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today, and we will have you enjoying your new sliding screen door in no time!