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Were you aware that there are screens available that can decrease your electricity bill? That’s right, let us introduce to a new option in home window screens…the solar screen. This type of screen does more than save you money on energy, it also means you are living in an environmentally friendlier space. It is estimated that solar or sun screens can cut your electric bill by fifteen percent!

There are other functionalities of solar screen:

  • They keep bugs out
  • Because they filter the sun’s rays so effectively, there will be no fade to your draperies or furniture
  • Filters sunlight so that you get a better look at your TV and computer screen
  • Solar screens are tougher than regular screens…which can make a huge difference if you have pets or children
  • These screens also help keep your home private — allowing you to see out, but not allowing people on the outside to see in

If you aren’t crazy about the look of sun screens, be aware that we also install grid covers to enhance the exterior look of your home. We have many different colors and styles. This is a simple way to give your home that extra “wow” from the street.

We are always happy to discuss this option with you further. Call or contact us today and let us get started before the hot days ahead.