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We know you adore your dogs and cats; however, when they destroy your window and door screens by clawing and scratching on them repeatedly, your pets become a little less adorable. If you have been searching for insect window and door screens durable enough to endure even a 100-pound dog tearing at them, look no further than A to Z Window Screens. We carry TuffScreen® from Phifer, a heavy duty screen that is both tear-resistant and pet-resistant. Read on to learn more about these ingenious bug screens, and we know you will want to contact us for more information on them.

What Makes Pet Screens Unique

Although these pet screens are installed exactly like regular bug screens, that is where the similarities end. Rather than being constructed from regular fiberglass window screen fabric, pet screens are made from a tough polyester yard covered with a PVC vinyl lining. A strong, pliable mesh able to withstand repeated jumping, clawing, and scratching by your pets, these screens can also hold up to the sun and other elements longer, thanks to the PVC vinyl lining. Available in black and gray, Phifer pet screens are seven times stronger than traditional bug screens. Overall, pet screens will give you a longer life over traditional fiberglass insect screens.

Visibility and Airflow

You may wonder what the visibility and air flow are like through these pet screens since the mesh is so thick. Phifer thought of this during the design process, and the strands on these screens are placed farther apart, which make larger openings between the strands, allowing more air and visibility to get through the screen. And, do not worry, those holes are small enough to keep out flies and mosquitoes.

A Quick Disclaimer

Capable of being installed on 99% of all windows as well as sliding patio screen doors and traditional-swinging screen doors, our expert window installers at A to Z Window Screens install more pet screens on doors than they do windows, since that is where the damage generally occurs. While installing these screens prevents damage to your screen when your dog charges your screen door, it does not do anything to strengthen your door frame. If your dog runs at your door, it is unlikely the pet screen fabric itself will sustain any damage, but your door frame could still be bent. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, pet screens are resistant to tears, punctures, and ant other pet damage. Perfect for screen doors, pet screens are also good choices for enclosed patios and porches. Installs just like regular fiberglass bug screening, the installation professionals at A to Z Window Screens are experienced in installing pet screens in every type of space. If you are tired of dealing with ripped screens due to overeager pets, contact us at A to Z Window Screens to talk to us about pet screen installation. Our qualified staff will be happy to tell you more about these miraculous pet screens.