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The first Monday of September is Labor Day.
Labor Day has always been a bit confusing to me. It is the day that we celebrate the working professionals and their years of sacrifice and toil that made this country great…yet, we celebrate by taking the day off? Huh? How does that work? We didn’t get where we are as a nation by kicking our feet up on the desk for even one second! To buck the system this Labor Day, my staff and I are going to be breaking our backs taking care of business for you — because nobody wants to have to wait a single day longer than necessary for their sun screens, screen doors, and security doors!

To celebrate Labor Day, I’d also like to introduce to you one of the greatest “labor saving” devices ever invented in the world of retractable screen doors: The “Safe Glide Speed Reduction System”! It is at the heart of what makes our Clearview Disappearing Screen doors the best retractable screen door system that money can buy!

Anybody who’s ever used a retractable screen door knows that if the handle slips out of your hand…. WHAM! The handle snaps back into its housing violently with a loud and embarrassing “clang!” But who wants to have to hold onto the handle as the screen retracts all the way back into the housing? And what homeowner wants to be the broken record that warns all guests “don’t let go of the screen door” over and over and over? That sounds like too much work to me!

The Clearview Retractable Screen door is the only retractable screen door system that has a patented “Safe-Glide Speed Reduction System” built into the housing. This means that you can let go of the handle, and the door will gracefully and smoothly retract into it’s housing without snapping back! Think of all the labor you’ll avoid this Labor Day, this fall, and forever more when you’re not having to swat flies and mosquitoes throughout the house!

I think it’s only fitting that we have a 10% off sale on any Clearview Retractable Screen Door purchased on or before September 30th! Clearview Retractable Screen doors are the only retractable screen doors that DON’T SNAP BACK! If the door handle slips out of your hand, our retractable screen door gently rolls back up into it’s housing (off to the side of the door), opening with no risk of smashing fingers or damaging the door. With the patented safe-glide speed reducer, you won’t have to repeat yourself a thousand times over, telling your guests to “not let go of the door!”

Take advantage of the cool fall breeze without the bugs by ordering your Clearview Retractable Screen Door during September’s Labor Day Sale!

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