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Does the sun turn your rooms unbearably hot and bright on long summer days? Does the sun drive you inside when you’d prefer to be out enjoying your patio? Are you worried about blocking your view or affecting the look of your home with traditional sun screens but know that your home could benefit from their shading effects? A to Z Window Screens could have the solution for you: Roll-down sun screens!

Why might roll-down sun screens work for you?

With roll-down sun screens, you could enjoy the cooling benefits of sun screens when you want them, and roll them up out of the way when you don’t! Roll-down sun screens are traditional solar screens that can be moved up and down, either with metal chains or with a convenient remote controlled. A to Z Window Screens will custom make your roll-down solar screens to perfectly fit your windows or patio space. The screens are available in widths up to 13 feet and in heights up to 7 and a half feet.

Roll-down screens work for your windows …

Roll-down screens provide the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar screens without changing the look of your home and without permanently obstructing your view. You roll them down when you need them and roll the up when you don’t! They can be installed either on the exterior or interior of your home, according to your preference. Roll-down screens can be the perfect solution for large picture windows that wouldn’t traditionally include a screen. They can be installed on commercial windows, as well!

… and your patio!

Another popular application for roll-down screens is on patios. With roll-down screens, you can convert your outdoor space into a screened-in enclosure. Roll-down sun screens can be attached to different types of patio toppers, from roofs to pergolas! When is low on the horizon, the screens can be rolled down to allow you to enjoy your patio without worrying about the sun’s heat or rays. Solar screens around your patio also can provide you with a degree of privacy: While you can still look out and enjoy the view, the screens make it difficult for passersby or neighbors to see in!

If you’re ready to realize the benefits of roll-down solar screens on your patio or in your home, contact A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! Our solar screen experts can talk to you about how roll-down screens will work for your home or business, and they can show you how you can customize the look of your roll-down solar screens to complement your home or commercial building.