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Patios have become an integral part of summer living. They provide additional square footage where you can entertain, dine and relax, all while enjoying the open air, pleasant breezes and sunshine. But during the warmest summer months, your outdoor living space can become unusable due to the scorching sun. You can reclaim your patio and get more use out of your outdoor oasis by outfitting your patio with roll-down sun screens from A to Z Window Screens.

Benefits of Roll-Down Screens

Benefits of Sun Screens On Your Patio - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensRoll-down screens can be installed over pergolas, from the edges of patio overhangs, or between patio doorways or arches. Rollaway screens are made from specialty solar meshes that come in 80 to 90 percent density. They can be rolled up and down using metal chains, as needed. In addition to convenience, patio sun screens come with a host of benefits, including:

• Blocking the sun while maintaining the view. A major advantage of patio sun screens is that they protect your patio and its inhabitants from the heat of the sun without blocking the breeze or your view.

• Widespread sun protection. Roll-down screens cover more area than other options. Umbrellas only cover a small area, and pergolas can fail to block the sun, depending on its angle. Umbrellas, and even larger temporary pergola structures, can blow over in wind. Patio sun screens can block the entire patio from the sun, regardless of the sun’s angle.

• Privacy. Roll-down patio screens can provide you with high levels of privacy. Sun screens can block your neighbors’ view of your patio without disrupting your view of your yard or the surrounding scenery.

• Keeping bugs at bay. In addition to the sun, bugs are an outdoor nuisance that can deplete your enjoyment of your backyard. Just like your window screens keep bugs from entering your home while letting you enjoy the breeze, roll-down patio screens can help reduce the amount of bugs that have access to your patio.

• Providing a wind barrier. Excessively windy days can drive you and your guests indoors. You can get some relief from windy days on your patio with an added layer of protection from roll-down patio screens.

• Protecting your patio furniture. Excessive sun quickly breaks down your patio furniture, and sun screens block UV rays. By rolling down your sunscreens when your patio isn’t in use, you can block harmful UV rays to slow the fading and aging of your patio furniture and décor.

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