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One of the best parts about owning your home, is making it feel like yours. Maybe your dream home involves a big backyard, beautiful lighting or lots of windows. Either way it’s specially chosen, decorated, and curated just for you. One favorite among many of our customers are French doors. Unlike your typical door, French doors are two identical doors that open outward to create a large opening to a patio or garden. French doors are not only beautiful but also create space.

Types of French Doorsblue french doors

No matter what type of French doors you choose for your home, they will add more value to your home than your average sliding patio door. What type you choose to purchase and install may depend on your home, your outdoor space, and your needs.

Sliding French Doors – Unlike other sliding doors which only allow a door-sized opening, sliding French doors slide outward. They are beautiful when closed and out of sight out of mind when open.
Interior French Doors – Many homeowners utilize double French doors inside the home to connect two rooms. These doors swing outward to open up space inside the home.
Exterior French Doors – French patio doors allow for natural light when closed, and create a large, inviting doorway when open.

Choosing Your French Doors

When choosing your French Doors, it’s important to choose the best option for your home. Whatever works best for you, adds value to your home, and will stand against your region’s weather will determine what material you choose for your French doors. Most French doors are available in uPVC, composite, aluminum, and wood. In our service area of Northern California, French doors made of timber are popular. Wood is readily available in the region and is unaffected by the dry climate. Other regions with more humidity may get better results with aluminum, uPVC, or composite materials. Even with the perfect weather and low humidity, we still have bugs in and around Sacramento. That means that no matter what type of French doors you have, we can screen them for you.

ClearView Retractable Screen Doors

One of our favorite products is the ClearView Retractable screen door. They do the best job keeping bugs out while being discrete and providing natural light and a view. Fortunately for our customers, these screen doors can be installed on a set of double French doors just like any other door! When you depend on A to Z Window Screens, your French doors can be screened with ClearView screens that are secure and completely invisible.

Whether you have French doors, are thinking of getting some, or have other doors and windows to screen, we can help.

If you reside in or around Sacramento, California, you can schedule an appointment with A to Z Window Screens now. Call 916-250-0224 today.