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Each summer, California homeowners look for ways to beat the heat, without breaking the bank. You can lower the temperature in your home, while lowering your home energy bills, is by installing solar screens this summer.

How do solar screens work?

Solar screens keep your home cooler by stopping the sun’s rays — and heat — from hitting your windows and entering your home. The screens are made of vinyl-coated polyester yarn that’s more tightly woven than your average window screen. The densely woven screen deflects the sun’s rays and shades your windows. The heat that is absorbed by the screen travels through the grid and dissipates before it can reach your home.

How well do solar screens protect your home from the heat?

Ultimately, solar screens can keep your home between 8 and 15 degrees cooler, making your home more comfortable for you, your family and your pets. In addition, solar screens protect your flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays, helping to prolong the lifespan of your décor! They also cut the glare on TV and computer screens. When it comes to protecting your home from the sun’s rays, solar screens hold a major benefit over interior blinds and drapes. Because blinds and drapes have to be closed to protect your home, the heat savings can vary widely, and you only protect your home when you completely shut out the light and the view. With solar screens, you still get light from the sun and preserve your views while you protecting your home from the heat.

How do solar screens save you money?

Solar screens save money by keeping your home cooler, which means you don’t have to overwork your air conditioner! They can reduce your air conditioner’s workload by as much as 30 percent. Solar screens also bring energy-saving benefits in the winter months; because they are thicker than the average window screen, they help to add an additional layer of insulation to your windows, helping to keep heat in and cold air out. With the energy savings, solar screens usually return their installation costs within two years.

And, because they save energy, you might be able to earn tax rebates for installing solar screens on your home. You don’t have to install solar screens on every window in your house to realize their energy-saving benefits: Solar screens are most effective when installed on the south- and west-facing windows in your home. Of course, a full home solar screen installation can give your home a uniform look.

How can you learn more about the benefits of solar screens for your home?

If you’re ready to protect your home and your money from the heat with solar screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can walk you through all of your solar screen options and advise you on the screen configuration that will provide you with the biggest benefit.