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Before we know it, the hot summer sun will be beating down on our homes, making them hot and bright and sending our air conditioners into overdrive. That’s what makes this the best time to invest in solar shades to help lower energy bills and make your home more comfortable.  Now is the Best time to Invest in Sunscreens - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window Screens

How sunscreens work

Sun warms your home when sunlight hits unprotected windows. The glass transmits the warmth, and your home can quickly become hot and uncomfortable. Sunscreens, or solar screens, are made of vinyl-coated polyester. They help to keep your home cooler by reflecting and absorbing the majority of the sunlight, blocking it from entering your home. The screens also help create shade within your home, further reducing the effects of the sun’s warming rays. At the same time, the screens don’t block your view or make your home overly dark.

How sunscreens affect your home heating and cooling bills

Sunscreens can lower the temperature in your home by up to 20 degrees, making a major impact on your comfort level and your energy bills.  When your home is naturally cooler, you won’t have to turn on your air conditioner as frequently, and when it is on, it won’t have to combat the sun’s heat to keep your home cool. In fact, heat gain from solar rays accounts for an estimated one-third of a home’s cooling costs. Sunscreens cut that heat gain by 80 to 90 percent.

How your home can benefit from sunscreens in other ways

While solar screens generally are sought for their ability to lower home cooling costs and to make a home more comfortable in warm summer months, sunscreens have even more to offer your home! Because sunscreens block UV rays, they can help preserve your furniture, flooring and home décor from damage and fading caused by solar rays. They also can reduce the sun’s glare in your home, providing a softer, more gentle natural light plants enjoy and that won’t hurt your eyes or interfere you’re your television. During colder winter months, when there generally isn’t enough sun to contribute to heating your home, sunscreens can act as added insulation, helping to keep warm air in and blocking any cool drafts from making their way into your home.

On top of all of that, sunscreens are attractive! They can add to your home’s style. Sunscreens come in a variety of colors and trims to match your home’s exterior. You also can pick from a variety of grid styles to complement your home’s architecture and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

How to outfit your home with sunscreens

If you’re sold on adding sunscreens to your home and live around Sacramento — or if you’d like to hear more about how they can benefit your home — call A to Z Window Screens to schedule an appointment today at 916-408-2496! Our sunscreen experts can show you all of your solar screen options and provide more information on how your home stands to benefit from the addition of sunscreens.