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There are certain things every homeowner will need to think about during the time he or she lives in a house; replacing the bug screens is one of those things, as it is an inevitable task because even the highest quality window screens will deteriorate over time. While you can go down to the hardware store and buy a repair kit, complete with screens, frames, and hardware, these kits rarely have the proper size or color screen or frame, and the included parts are generally made out of cheap plastic that becomes brittle and breaks when exposed to outdoor elements.

Instead, if you want the job to be done properly, call a professional screen company like A to Z Screens to measure each of your windows exactly and custom make each bug screen for all of the windows in your home. You should be able to enjoy fresh air without worrying about insects flying inside, and our window screen installation experts at A to Z Screens know how to protect you and your family from bugs while having your windows open thanks in large part to our customized bug screens.

When you notice rips and tears in your window screens or even screens that are missing entirely, which can happen during strong severe storms, you will want to call A to Z Screens; we are a full-service screen shop, and, as such, our trained and experienced technicians can handle the entire job. We would like to tell you more about the process that takes place after you make that phone call.

  1. You will get a visit to your home from one of our technicians to get a free, no-obligation estimate. Our technician will sketch out each side of your house, detailing the location and size of each window. Each of the windows will be priced individually, and you can pick and choose according to your budget.
  2. After you have selected your windows and placed your order, our expert screen builders begin to work on constructing your custom screens. Of course, you can choose from all the different colors, sizes, and shapes of bug screen frame and fabric in our 4500-sq ft. shop. You can match the existing screens on your home, or if you are getting all new screens, you can update the look with a new color.
  3. Once your bug screens are completed, our technician will come back to your house to install the screens. Since you have an expert screen installer there, do not hesitate to ask how to remove and reinstall your screens. Our technicians are always happy to show you how to do this without damaging your screens. We are also happy to dispose of your old, damaged screens for free, so be sure to let us know if you want us to take away your old screens.

As you can see, replacing bug screens is an easy, no-headache process when you call the professionals like A to Z Screens. With years of experience in installing and constructing window screens, our expert employees can take care of you quickly and with the best service possible. If you bought a do-it-yourself kit, you would not have the best screens, and it is very easy to become frustrated with doing this task if you have never done it before yourself. Our technicians can save you from this frustration and do a much better, professional job with high-quality bug screens.

If you have tears in your window screens, contact A to Z Screens today to get started on the bug screen replacement process. You will be happy you decided to call us rather than taking your chances with a DIY kit. Some projects are best left to the professionals.