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If you have — or are considering adding — solar screens on your windows, you likely understand the significant energy savings solar screens provide during hot summer months. You may, however, be left wondering what you do with solar screens in the winter. Should you leave solar screens on when temperatures drop, or is it better for your energy bills to remove them?

The case for leaving solar screens on in the winter:

If you’re considering leaving your solar screens in place during the winter, you might want to stick to that instinct. While solar screens are often touted for their summertime benefits, solar screens also bring benefits during the winter months. How so? Solar screens act as an extra insulator for your windows, providing an extra layer of protection against cold winter winds and from heat loss from your home. Think of it this way: Many people add specialized wrappings to their windows in winter to protect against heat loss. With solar screens, you already have that added layer of protection in place. In fact, solar screens have been shown to improve a window’s heat performance in winter by as much as 15 percent.

Other wintertime benefits of solar screens:

Solar screen’s wintertime benefits don’t stop at preventing heat loss. By keeping your solar screens in place during the winter months, you’ll continue to enjoy many of the same benefits you enjoy from your solar screens during the summer. That includes cutting down on uncomfortable glare from the sun, protecting your furniture, flooring, and décor from the damaging effects of UV rays and increasing the level of privacy in your home.

What to do if you prefer to remove solar screens during the winter.

Despite the winter benefits of solar screens, it’s alright if you still prefer to remove solar screens during the winter to let in more light. Solar screens can be easily removed and replaced. That means you can take screens out when you prefer to and put them back in place toward summer.

Ready to realize the benefits of solar screens? Call A to Z today!

So if you’re ready to realize all of the year-round benefits of solar screens, or the convenience of being able to put them in or remove them at will, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation today! We can get your windows fitted for your custom solar screens. You can help insulate your home against the cold this winter, or beat the rush of the spring and summer demand for window screen replacement and installation.