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4th of July Independence Day

I have many fond memories of Independence Day celebrations. Picnics, fireworks, barbecues, and time with friends….great times commemorating the day our country declared their independence from England.

Now that I’m older, Independence Day has become much more than another excuse for a party. It is a day of solemn reflection and gratitude to our founding fathers who wanted to separate from a tyrannical Britain. For months the very question of separation from mother England was a hotly contested proposition… because failure meant that heads would roll!
After months of debate, delegates from the thirteen colonies decided to formally declare their independence from Britain, and the declaration of independence was rolled out and signed and sent to King George.
For our founding fathers, that was just the beginning of a 7 year struggle fraught with guerrilla tactics, hardships, and an uncertain destiny. I am deeply grateful to the brave founders who were willing to put it all on the line in order to free themselves and all posterity from an oppressive government.

Celebrate with A to Z Window Screens!

To roll out our celebration of independence from oppressive government, AtoZ is offering a 10% discount on all roll down screen purchases of $500 or more during the month of July.
If you have a patio overhang that suffers from oppressive heat, roll down screens are a great way to declare your independence from the sun’s glaring rays! With Roll Down screens, you can enjoy hanging out under the patio without the sun ruining your Fourth of July festivities!

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