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Sunny rooms with large windows and beautiful outdoor patio spaces are valued by any homeowner. But letting the sun shine into your home, or having a large outdoor living space, isn’t without its disadvantages: All of that sunshine can make your home or your outdoor living space too hot to be comfortably enjoyed. Outdoors, that heat can drive you back inside, leaving your beautiful patio unused. Indoors, that heat can have your air conditioning working overtime, leaving you with high energy bills. There is a solution to this problem. You can still enjoy your open, outdoor living spaces and your large, beautiful windows. Cool off with remote control roll down screens.

What are remote control roll down screens?

Roll down screens are installed above windows, doors or other architectural openings in the house. When the homeowner wishes to have the screen in place, the screens roll down. For convenience, the screens are placed on a motorized crank that is remotely activated, so the screens can be quickly and easily be moved in and out of place.

What are the benefits or remote control roll down screens?

More and more, homeowners value open spaces, whether that’s in the form of a patio that extends seamlessly into the backyard or in the form of large, open windows that provide a beautiful view and brighten the indoor living area. At times, however, that openness can be a problem. Remote control roll down screens allow you to close up the space when desired, but also maintain the openness of your large windows or outdoor space when wanted. With remote control roll down screens, you can lower the temperature inside your home or on your outdoor patio. Roll down screens can reduce glare, increase privacy, keep bugs out during peak season and protect a home or outdoor furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

What spaces are well suited for remote control roll down screens?

Homeowners have found all sorts of applications for remote control roll down screens. They can be installed over windows when you want the benefits of screens without interfering with your home’s style. Remote control screens can be outfitted into almost any patio space, between columns, exterior walls or archways. Some homeowners are even having remote control screens installed over their garage door openings so they have a screen in place to keep out pests while still enjoying the breeze as they work or entertain in their garage space.

How can I have remote control roll down screen installed on my home?

If you’re ready to cool off your patio, home or garage space with remote control roll down screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can outfit your home with quality custom roll down screens that will make your home or outdoor living space more comfortable and useable.