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Indoor/outdoor spaces have become an in-demand feature for homeowners. One way to createroll-down screen a comfortable, functional and fashionable indoor/outdoor space is with roll-down screens. Roll-down sunscreens can be installed on nearly any patio, doorway or window. They roll up into a discreet housing when they aren’t in use, which means you can enjoy the benefits of a screen when you want one and roll the screen away to enjoy the view or open up your home to the outdoors when you don’t want to. Here are all of the benefits you’ll find when you install roll-away screens.

Protection from bugs

One of the primary jobs of screens is to keep bugs away from people and out of people’s homes. Installing roll down screens on your patio can protect you from bugs in your outdoor living space. With roll-down screens, you can enjoy evenings on your patio without worrying about mosquitos, gnats or moths, and you can enjoy summer picnics without being bothered by flies, bees or wasps.

Relief from the sun

The intense heat and bright glare from the sun can render your patio unusable at certain times of the day. With roll-down patio screens, when the sun is too intense on your patio, you can roll down your screens to provide shade and provide comfort. When you roll down your screens, you can set their height, so you can roll them down just enough to stop the glare from the sun while still enjoying the view.

Preservation of your patio and patio furnishings

It’s inevitable that patios, patio furniture and outdoor décor will show wear from the elements. The sun’s rays can cause fading, and heat and sun can cause some furniture materials to crack. Keeping your patio screens closed when your patio isn’t in use can help to protect your patio and your patio furnishings from the elements by keeping the sun’s rays from beating down directly onto the patio, by lowering the overall temperature on the patio and by providing some protection from the rain.


Perhaps the best reason to get roll-down screens for your patio is convenience! With roll-d0wn screens, you enjoy protection from the bugs and sun, making your outdoor living space more comfortable and enjoyable. The convenience comes in being able to roll your screens down when you want protection for your patio and being able to roll them away when you want to open up your outdoor living space or enjoy the view. Roll-down screens are easy to operation, and they can even be remote controlled to further increase their ease of use!

If you’re ready to make your outdoor living space more comfortable with the protection offered by roll-down patio screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule an appointment today!