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Even the most ardent sun worshipper isn’t immune to an occasional sun frustration. And for most of us — particularly in the dead of summer — that frustration is a little more than occasional. It might come from your air conditioner’s inability to keep up with the rising temperatures (and the feeling you get when you open the next energy bill). It might be trying to watch a movie or play video games while a piercing glare obscures the screen. Or it might be from attempting to make use of an outdoor living area you’ve put a lot of work into, but feeling too sweaty and sticky to enjoy it for more than five minutes.

When folks come to us fed up with the sun’s shenanigans, we introduce them to roll down sun screens — a solution that’s effective, long-term, beautiful and convenient.

How Roll Down Sun Screens Help You

A roll down sun screen looks pretty simple: We use durable and beautiful Phifer Suntex or Textaline fabrics and install the screens where needed; you use either a beaded nylon chain or remote control to lower or raise the screen as you want or need. Not much to it, right? But you might be surprised at how many benefits these seemingly simple sun screens bring:

  • When used to keep sun out of the interior of your home, they can help cool it as much as 15 degrees, helping you save on cooling costs
  • By blocking harsh rays from hitting your furniture and carpet, they can stop ugly fading
  • Adds privacy — you can see out perfectly, but passersby can’t see in
  • Makes outdoor spaces much cooler and much more livable by blocking the sun as it moves past your patio cover

Those are just a few of the ways adding a sunscreen can benefit your day-to-day life — and keep you from wasting money.

Roll Down Sun Screen FAQ

Where Can I Install Sun Screens?

Your options are broad — A to Z Screens can install roll down sun screens to your patio cover to shade your outdoor area, or on the exterior or interior of any windows in your home, in any area, any size. We custom make all of our roll down screens for a perfect fit, whether you have a tiny picture window or a large patio space.

Will My Sun Screens Get Destroyed By Harsh Weather?

The materials we use are strong and durable, made to withstand harsh weather — including harsh sun — for years to come, without deteriorating.

Are Sun Screens Hard To Operate?

Not at all — smaller screens aren’t any more difficult to raise or lower than traditional blinds, and larger sun screens (over 8 feet wide) have a built-in counter-spring assist clutch that makes operation a breeze. If you have arthritis or other trouble with your hands, we can also add a spring-assist clutch to smaller screens, or install remote control roll down screens that won’t tax you in the slightest.

Will Sun Screens Take Away From The Aesthetic Of My Home?

We think sun screens actually enhance a home’s look. You can choose between different colors and different densities to match or complement your home, and when you’re not using your screens, they roll cleanly and conveniently up and out of the way. Let us show you some pictures of past installations — we think you’ll be impressed with how great these screens look.

If you’d like to learn more about roll down sun screens — or would like to schedule an appointment — we’d love to help. Just give A to Z Screens a call!