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If you have considered reducing the sun’s impact on your home with solar screens, it’s not too early to start planning to install sun screens this spring! In fact, if you want to have your windows ready to combat the sun’s glare, we suggest purchasing sun screens between January and March to miss the summer rush. When you purchase your sun screens early, they can be installed in two to three weeks, half the time it can take during the busy summer months!

What are the benefits of sun screens?

Sun screens, also called solar screens or privacy screens, protect your home from the sun’s glare. The densely woven mesh provides shade, and reflects and absorbs the sun’s heat and light, preventing it from entering your home. If you have rooms that are made uncomfortable by the sun’s rays or heat, you should consider sun screens!

They reduce the buildup of heat in your home. Rooms with sun screens installed are up to 15 degrees cooler! That can lower home cooling costs by 25 to 30 percent. That also means your home’s cooling system will be less taxed by trying to cool overheated rooms.

Sun screens prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. The screens block up to 90 percent of UV rays. That can help to protect your furniture, rugs and floors from fading and sun damage.

Sun screens also can make your home more comfortable. They reduce the glare of the sun, while still allowing you to open the windows and enjoy the breeze. Sun screens allow you to reduce the sun’s heat in your home, without having to hide behind curtains or blinds! Sun screens are made from a durable, densely woven polyester yarn that has been coated with PVC. They resist fading and can be removed easily for cleaning.

What are the options for sun screens?

Sun screens come in a variety of colors and options to suit your taste and the style of your home. Classic black can offer a dramatic contrast for windows, while gray, beige or brown offers a softer look. Sun screens even come in a multi-color weave to imitate the stucco finish of your home.

If you’re concerned that sun screens will provide too stark a look for your home, you can consider a decorative grid. Sun screens can be fabricated with a variety of grid patterns to match your existing window grid patterns and the style of your home.

Don’t wait to consider your sun screen options!

If you think sun screens may answer your home cooling problems, call A to Z Window Screens at 916-408-2496 today! Our experts can talk to you about your sun screen options and help you choose the screens that are right for your home. Purchasing sun screens now can have you ready for warmer spring temperatures and help you beat the summer rush.