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Happy Parents Day!

Did you know that Sunday July 24th is “Happy Parents’ Day?” Did you even know there was such a holiday? Me neither!


I mean, I knew about Mother’s and Father’s Day… but Parent’s Day? It seems a little redundant, don’t you think? I thought we already had the bases covered pretty well, but apparently, somebody thought otherwise…

Well, to celebrate this little known holiday, I decided that we’d offer absolutely nothing special… because that’s what “Happy Parent’s Day” is… nothing special… just another cheap attempt by retailers to sell somebody more stuff so they can turn around and give it to their parents (who don’t need any more stuff).

But AtoZ Window Screens isn’t your average retailer… no far from it! Because we’re slightly above average (just barely :), I thought we’d go against the trend and simply celebrate “Parent’s Day” by encouraging everyone out there to do what’s most important on a day like this…. nothing. Sit back, relax, and stay home enjoying the ones you love the most. Don’t go out and buy anything something they don’t really want or need anyways…. just stay home, cook somebody dinner, clean up the dishes, and say “I love you”.
Then, come Monday, pick up the phone and buy your parents a house full of Sun Screens and screen doors…. just to say “I love you”. Believe me…. AtoZ would love you for it!

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