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Many pet owners find themselves resigned to ripped, stretched or broken screens, thanks to dogs, cats and other pets that climb, claw, lean against and rush through window and door screens. While they might be considered a fact of life for pet owners, pet-damaged screens are unsightly, often can’t be used and can detract from the overall look of a home. What would make a better gift for a pet owner than replacing ugly, damaged screens with hard-to-damage pet-resistant screens?

With A to Z Window Screens, you can give the gift of pet screens this holiday season!

How do pet screens work?

Most window screens are made of either aluminum or fiberglass. When faced with the force of pet’s climbing or scratching claws or body weight, these screens tear, bend or break free of the screen framing. Pet screens, on the other hand, are made of PVC-coated vinyl that can hold up to all of the abuse your pets have to dish out. In fact, pet screens are seven times stronger than traditional window or door screens! In addition to standing up better to wear from pets, the PVC coating also helps the screens to withstand other elements, like sun and wind, better than traditional screens.

While the fibers on pet screens are thicker than traditional window and door screens, most people don’t notice a significant difference in air flow or visibility when they replace their aluminum or fiberglass screens with pet screens. The screens come in black or gray, and they very closely mimic the look of traditional window screens.

Where can pet screens be installed?

Pet screens can be installed on nearly any window or door. In most cases A to Z Window Screens can replace any damaged or worn screen with sturdier, longer-lasting pet screens. And because pet screens so clearly mimic the look of traditional window screens, you can choose to replace only the windows or doors whose screens face abuse from pets, and they will blend nearly seamlessly with the home’s existing traditional screens.

How can I give the gift of new pet screens?

If you want to relieve your favorite pet owner of unsightly pet-damaged doors, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can talk to you about replacing pet-abused door and window screens with PVC-coated vinyl pet screens that will withstand the abuse and last for years. We can view the scope of the project, help you determine which screens are best served by pet screens and give you a quote for the cost of gifting pet screens.

When you give the gift of pet screens, you are giving a gift that will last for years. It will increase the functionality of the home’s windows and doors and upgrade the look of your favorite pet owner’s home. It’s a gift any pet owner will damaged window and door screens will truly love! Contact us today!