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Dirty window screens can degrade your home. They can make windows look dark and grimy; they can lower your home’s curb appeal; and they can even cause dirt and debris to blow into your home when you open the windows to enjoy the breeze. Window screens also are fragile. They can bend, warp or tear, which makes many homeowners nervous about handling them. So what do you do if you have grimy window screens?

Cleaning window screens

The good news is that it is possible to clean window screens, and with a little care, your window screens can look as good as new. You definitely want to take care while cleaning your window screens because they are fragile. Cleaning your window screens takes only a few simple steps:

Step 1: Remove the screen from the window

If your window screens are especially dirty, you will want to remove them from the window before cleaning, as that will allow you to thoroughly clean all portions of the screens easily, and it allows you to clean the screens in an open area without causing a big mess. If you’ve never removed your window screens before, take the time to understand your screens’ installation mechanism and be careful not to damage the screen.

Step 2: Vacuum away debris

If your screens are covered with a lot of loose debris, a quick vacuuming can help remove a good portion of the grime. Use your vacuum’s hose with your preferred attachment, and gently vacuum both sides of the screen, taking care to reach into the corners and edges.

Step 3: Hose down the screens

Using your garden hose, wet the screens. Keep the hose on a lower pressure setting so that you don’t cause the screen itself to bow inward. You don’t have to worry about removing the grime; you’re just wetting the screen for the rest of the cleaning.

Step 4: Wash screens

If you have grime caked on to your screens, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty to really get them clean. Screens can be cleaned with either a multipurpose household cleaner, dish soap or white vinegar diluted with water. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean any stuck-on dirt or debris from the screen’s surface. Once the screens are fully cleaned, rinse away soap with the garden hose.

Step 5: Dry and replace

Now, all you have to do is let your screens dry and replace them in the windows. Again, take care not to apply too much pressure on the screens. Once you’re done, you’re set to enjoy the views from your newly cleaned screens!

What do you do if a cleaning wasn’t enough to restore your screens? If your screens are ripped, warped or grimy and worn past the point of being restored with a quick cleaning, call A to Z Window Screens. We can restore the function of your screens and the look of your home with brand new window screens customized to your home.