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Security for Your Sliding Glass Doors?

Glass Sliding Patio Doors have long been some of the most vulnerable points of entry for pests and intruders of the two legged type, but what can be done about it?

You’d love to leave your sliding glass door open all hours of the night and day without giving it a second thought, but you worry that you might be exposing yourself to intruders….and we’re not just talking bugs here!

Traditional Jail Bars are Unsightly

Unfortunately, the sliding glass door has always been a vulnerable point of access that thieves and robbers are all too well aware of, and in the past, the only option for real security was to install tacky jail bars over the sliding glass door! Not only was this unsightly, but these “jail bar” types of systems often quickly rusted and looked trashy in short order! In addition, these ghetto jail bar security systems were not bug-tight and often made it impossible to wash, repair, or replace the sliding glass doors or sliding screen door as the need arose!

The Solution? Simple Elegance and NO JAILBARS!

For years our customers have been asking AtoZ for an acceptable alternative, and finally, there is a solution! A strong, secure sliding screen door for your patio door that does not detract from your home!  Introducing a new Sliding Security Screen Door that has No BARS, No Bugs, and no Break-Ins!  Constructed with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame and stainless steel screen material that can’t be kicked in or cut with a knife, these doors look like a normal screen door, but they’re actually a security screen door in disguise!

Security You Can Be Sure Of

You can finally be confident leaving your sliding glass door open for the cross breeze while being secured against the miscreants! Getting fresh air in your home no longer has to mean having an open door policy to the less honorable elements in our society! The outside edges of the stainless steel mesh are held securely in place so the panel can’t easily be kicked in, and the stainless steel screen mesh can’t be cut through with a knife. In addition, the Sliding Security Screen Door comes standard with a locking system along the handle side, and an interlock center retention system along the stationary side. This means you can breathe easy knowing you have a secure barrier that will let the breeze in while keeping the bugs and thugs out!

Great Visibility & Airflow

Suspended within the extruded aluminum frame is a panel of woven screen mesh constructed of a high tensile strength 316 marine-grade stainless steel. Woven in a fashion to make it look very similar to ordinary screen mesh, the security screen door’s airflow and visibility are breathtaking! This revolutionary mesh allows Mother Nature’s fresh air to come in while keeping the less desirable bugs AND THUGS OUT! Our customers are always surprised at just how clearly they can see out through their newly installed Sliding Security Screen Door!

Double or Single Panel

Our Sliding security screen doors can be ordered with single or double security panels.

Double Panel: Most customers order their sliding security screen door as a double panel configuration. Ordering your door with two mesh panels allows it to cover and protect your entire sliding glass door: One security mesh panel covers the sliding glass door, while the second mesh panel covers the stationary, non moving portion of your sliding glass door. When it comes time to wash the windows, the “stationary” side panel can easily be unlocked and rolled to the side in order to expose the fixed portion of your sliding glass door for cleaning.

Single Panel: For the more price-conscious consumers or for folks who are more concerned with durability rather than security, you also have the option of ordering the sliding security screen door as a single panel configuration. This means that only the sliding glass door will be protected with a single security mesh panel. This is the perfect solution for homeowners who are tired of replacing their sliding screen door because of pets, children, or drunk friends! Be aware, however, a door configured as a single panel is not as secure or bug-tight as a double paneled door, and it will not be possible to have a second security panel to cover the fixed side of your home’s sliding glass door added on at a later point.  In essence, you are simply purchasing an overly built and extremely durable sliding screen door.

Great Looks & Durability

Unlike the traditional steel jail bar security door systems of the past, the Sliding Security Screen Door’s frame is constructed of architectural-grade heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. Guaranteed never to rust, this sliding security screen door will give you years of maintenance-free breeze! In addition, your new Sliding Security Screen Door glides effortlessly on a fully adjustable wheel system containing stainless steel components for years of maintenance-free use. The door’s heavy-duty construction will also help ensure it’ll put up with your kids and pets with ease! This will be the last screen door you’ll ever need to buy!

Other Security Options

Looking for more security door options from AtoZ Window Screens? Consider our Titan Security Doors, for your front door, side garage door, master bedroom door, or any other door on your home!

Security Window Screen Options?

Do you have windows that you wish you could leave open all night long?  AtoZ also makes Custom Security Window Screens!   With the same heavy-duty stainless steel security screen mesh as the sliding security screen doors, these security window screens will allow you to rest easy knowing you can get a bug AND Thug-free breeze! Security Window Screens are the perfect solution for people who like to sleep with the windows open at night, but who don’t want to have to do it with one eye open! NO NASTY JAIL BARS ON YOUR WINDOWS!  Click here to learn more about our revolutionary and attractive security window screens!


Sliding screen doors with bug screens are a guaranteed way to enjoy your sliding patio screen doors with absolutely no bugs to bother you!