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Sun Screens have Several Color Choices

Did you know that Sun Screens are available in several different colors? While there are some slight differences in performance from one color to the next, the biggest difference is aesthetics. So depending on what your specific goals are for having solar screens installed and your personal tastes, you’ll want to take your time and really consider your color options before settling on one.

AtoZScreens SacramentoCA BlackSunScreen AtoZScreens SacramentoCA GreySunScreen
AtoZScreens SacramentoCA BrownSunScreen AtoZScreens SacramentoCA StuccoSunScreen AtoZScreens SacramentoCA BeigeSunScreen

To make your job easier, A to Z has put together picture galleries of some of our work showcasing the available colors. But remember, whatever color you end up selecting is beautiful to us! As any good salesman will tell you, beauty is in the eye of the check book holder!

Grid Sun Screens

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-BeforeAfterSunScreensAs hard as it is for us at A to Z to believe, there are some people out there who actually don’t like the way solar screens look! Especially on the front of their house due to the fact that once installed, sun screens tend to hide the decorative colonial grids in your windows….

Well sun screen savvy friends, fret no more! Grid Sun Screens are the solution to this fashion faux pas! A to Z is one of the only companies in the Sacramento area who has the ability to custom make your sun screens with a set of classy decorative grids that perfectly silhouette the grids in your windows! Our grid screens are the best way to get the cooling protection of a sun screen, without the usual sun screen look!

So if you know you need solar screens, but have been putting it off because you don’t like the way they look, take a minute to peruse our Grid Sun Screen Gallery…. You’ll soon see that nobody does grid screens like A to Z!


Over the years, we’ve heard and answered a lot of questions about sun screens, so click here to see them. If it seems right for you, join the thousands of folks who have decided that sun screens are the perfect solution for more privacy and lower energy costs.

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Dear A to Z Window Screen,

I am writing to thank you for your quality service and product! When my husband and I first saw your sun screens at the Cal Expo Home & Garden Show back in 2003, we were so impressed that we called you to come out for an estimate right away. We were pleased to meet Aaron. He was professional, and very helpful in choosing the right sun screening material and frames to be used.

He also helped me decide which windows needed to be covered. We live in a large two-story home, and at the time, were in the process of putting in a pool and eventually a large patio cover. We chose to cover the upstairs windows only, believing the patio cover would protect the downstairs from the hot summer sun. Aaron went ahead and took measurements of every single window on the house anyway, so as to make it easy for me to add more screens, if later I found the need.

The screens he installed turned out to be exactly what we needed, and cooled off our house tremendously! After a couple very hot summers, we found that our downstairs was significantly warmer than our upstairs. Not only was our air conditioning running too much, but I knew that the heat was going to ruin my new curtains eventually, as well. Now 2 1/2 years later, I was so happy to have saved A to Z's information, and they actually still had all the original measurements of my windows!

One simple phone call and I was able to order all the downstairs window screens over the phone! The sliding door screens are the best. They will allow us to keep the screen door open when we are having a pool party and still give us the protection we want. Still the same quality product and installation, and they perfectly match the exterior of my home and all the other screens from 2 1/2 years ago.

And, once again, Aaron was here to do the work. It was a pleasure to know we would be getting the same great service we did before. I know this summer will be so much more enjoyable. Thank you Aaron! Thank you A to Z!


~ Kathryn Wheeler, Rancho Cordova, CA Read more »